憑藉逾 30 多年之實體運作,累積豐富相關的經驗,冠及同儕。擁有龐大客戶群及總承辦商網絡,參與本地各類商業機構、政府項目、大學學府、食物藥品工場,及高要求細菌淨化場地、專業設計、施工及後續保養服務。經過不懈努力及成長,已獲多方面資格認可,多年來屢獲嘉獎及殊榮。

Skyforce Engineering Limited (SEL)

SEL is a trusted services provider of building services and specialist functions in heating ventilation and air-conditioning engineering in Hong Kong.

SEL have been established for more than 30 years and have built an experience team with professional to deliver the excellences of comprehensive building services engineering solutions for the Customers of the Universities, Public, and Private sectors with a wide range of projects in new construction and retrofit work with the expertise in design, installation, and operation and maintenance.

SEL continues driving the enhancement of quality management and customer satisfactions. SEL operates with the certificates in the integrity management policy in recognition of performances on the contributions for the experienced projects of the developments for high standard cleanroom, pharmaceutical laboratories, food & catering production factory, residential buildings, industrial buildings, commercial & complex buildings, hotel & apartment, recreational & exhibition buildings, and Data Centre & high-tech buildings.